We manage your books so you can run your business.

The trusted bookkeeping agency of Small Business Sarah

At Evergold Accounting, we provide financial clarity to small business owners, allowing them to run profitable businesses that bless their families.

What we do

We are a bookkeeping agency that helps online business owners.

We help small business owners and online entrepreneurs of all sizes organize and understand their business finances through our custom services delivered by a personable and online business-savvy team of bookkeepers.

Many small business owners begin as hobbyists, looking to make a few dollars from their passion or hobby. When their shops or blogs become successful they often struggle to find enough time to handle everyday business tasks, let alone set up and stay on top of bookkeeping. That is where we come in. 

Help in Every Stage

We can help sort out the financial mess.

Custom Services

We offer custom and personable services.

Prepare for Taxes

You will know and understand how your business is doing financially, and be ready come tax time.

With financial knowledge in hand, you can increase your profitability.

why we do it

Finding a bookkeeper who understands the needs of Etsy businesses can be a challenge.

Our team of bookkeepers understands the unique challenges of running an online business and the importance of up-to-date financial information.

By working with a professional bookkeeper who focuses on online entrepreneurs, you get end-of-month financial statements and all the information you need to make informed & smart decisions about your business.

Most bookkeeping agencies only work with large businesses. We love working with SMALL business owners, and cater our services accordingly.

Creativity is your super power, bookkeeping is ours.

The Client we Work with

We specialize to provide excellent bookkeeping.

Overtime we have learned that when we specialize, we can provide the highest level of service at the best possible price. Our favorite clients to work with are:

  • Etsy sellers

  • Amazon sellers

  • Bloggers

  • Self-Published Authors

  • YouTubers

We love to work with business owners who are established, but small (under $100k a year). That is our sweet spot!


What our clients say

Nicole Hunn

Working with Sarah has given me peace of mind, and the confidence that comes along with it. I trust that everything is accounted for every month, which has made it possible for me to literally ignore the books. You can’t beat that!

Kerry Greer

Working with Sarah means that I spend less time worrying about my bookkeeping and more time focusing on my business. It also allows me to see monthly reports that help me make better decisions as a business owner. I couldn't be more thankful to have Sarah on my team.

LaToya Edwards

I used to dread dealing with my finances. I knew that it was important to keep updated but it just took so much of my time each week. And when I was done things were still a mess. I couldn't get the numbers to match and I wasn't sure of how to handle Shopify + QuickBooks (even with Sarah's amazing videos). After hiring Sarah to help with clean up a few times I knew it was time to hiring her and hand over the books.

Alison McKown

In working with Sarah, she has given me such a clear big picture of my business. From her reports each month, I can quickly and clearly see how I am doing and if I'm meeting my business goals and projections for the year. If needed, I can course correct along the way, which—for a small business owner that wears many hats—is invaluable! Sarah and her team earn my highest recommendation! They are wonderful!